Beaded ornament hook tutorial

Today’s post is my first ever tutorial. My pictures aren’t as crisp as I’d like, but I think you can figure out what I’m showing.

Fancy ornament hooks come in a few different styles but today I will be focusing on beaded hooks. These are great for those special ornaments you may want to highlight on your tree. They’re so much nicer looking than those ugly hooks you buy in the stores- 100 for $1.00 or something like that.

Supplies needed:

16 gauge wire (I used gold tone since that’s what I had on hand)


jeweler’s round nose pliers

wire cutters


mandolin (or use a marker like I did)

few matching or coordinating beads (I used beads left over from other projects)



First, measure & cut off 4 inches of wire (it doesn’t have to be perfectly straight, just straightened out by hand is good enough)


Next, wrap wire almost completely around your pencil so you have something that looks like a shepherd’s crook & slide it off


Then, bend the short end up on itself with the round nose pliers


Take the long end & bend it at a 90 degree angle away from the opening of your hook & add 2 or 3 beads, depending on the size you choose


Once all your beads are on, bend the wire at a 90 degree angle towards your open hook


Next, take your mandolin (or marker) & wrap the remaining wire around & slide it off


Right now the wire looks a little funny. You will need to trim just a couple millimeters off the end. Then grab your round nose pliers once again & curl the very end of your wire inside the loop until it looks like this: You may need to play with it a little to get it to look just right.


Sorry my photos aren’t the greatest; I’m not much of a photographer but I think you get the idea.  Have fun & bling out your Christmas tree or give them as a gift!



2 thoughts on “Beaded ornament hook tutorial

  1. Good lord I thought curling wire was so complicated …
    Thank you for the best tut ever to a very beginner… I have been making Angels Mainly book markers & key chains Wanted to do some for the tree Did NOT want to use ribbon Or those Cheap hooks This was perfect… Thank you.
    Your Pictures were Perfect.

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