Sixlets Christmas Elves

Sixlets Christmas Elves

Supplies needed:

elf image

elf shoes image





2 bags Sixlets (I got mine at Dollar Tree)

So I was on Pinterest, as if that’s something unusual for me, & I saw these cute little elves with Sixlets for arms & legs. I clicked The picture to see how they were made & was disappointed to find that they were done with paper punches. I have a lot of punches in my collection, but not the big ones needed. My first attempt at replicating them was to free hand the pieces but I wasn’t happy with the results.

Next I searched Dollar Depot Graphics but couldn’t find any plain elves. So then I tried Google for some cute elf clipart to make my own version. I settled on this cute little guy & the shoes I got from Dollar Depot Graphics. 

I printed out my elves & a red text box, adding my “Merry Christmas from Taryn” to them & my elf shoes. elves elf shoes

 I cut & glued all my pieces to some green cardstock I had on-hand. 

mounted elves











Next I taped 2 sleeves of Sixlets together for each leg, then taped them to the elf.

sixlets attaching legs

be sure to try to tape your Sixlets together as straight as you can get them, otherwise your elves will have bow legs or look knock-kneed.

All in all, I was pretty happy with the results. The project only cost me $2.00 in candy since I printed my images at home & used cardstock I already had. I was able to make 9 elves. Perfect for my daughter’s pre-K class for Christmas!

Sixlet Elf


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